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Prison Inmate Search by State

Currently, the United States has the highest population of persons in prisons than any other country in history.  Over 2 million people are incarcerated in the United States today.






Search for prison inmates, prisoners, prison records and offender records at state correctional institutions, county jails and prisons with these free prison inmate search engines & prison inmate locators.  This list is in alphabetical order for finding ease.

*Search Over a Billion Public Records   *Court Record Searches

Alabama Prison Inmate Search

Alabama Department of Corrections

Search: Alabama Prison Inmates Locator

Alaska Prison Inmate Search

Alaska Department of Corrections

Search: Alaska Inmate Locator - VINELink

Arizona Prison Inmate Search

Arizona Department of Corrections

Search: Arizona Prison Inmate Locator

                Arizona Death Row Inmates

Arkansas Prison Inmate Search

Arkansas Department of Corrections

Search: Arkansas Prison Inmates Locator

California Prison Inmate Search

California Department of Corrections

Search: California Prison Inmate Locator

Colorado Prison Inmate Search

Colorado Department of Corrections

Search: Colorado Prison Inmate Locator

Connecticut Prison Inmate Search

Connecticut Department of Corrections

Search: Connecticut Prison Inmates Locator

Delaware Prison Inmate Search

Delaware Department of Corrections

Search: Delaware Prison Inmates Locator at VineLink

                DE Death Row Inmates Listing


District of Columbia Prison Inmate Search

District of Columbia Department of Corrections

Search: District of Columbia Inmate Locator - VINELink

Florida Prison Inmate Search

Florida Department of Corrections

Search: Florida Prison Inmate Locator

                Florida Death Row Prisoners

Georgia Prison Inmate Search

Georgia Department of Corrections

Search: Georgia Prison Inmates Locator

Hawaii Prison Inmate Search

Hawaii Corrections Division

Search: Hawaii SAVIN at VineLink

Idaho Prison Inmate Search

Idaho Department of Corrections

Search: Idaho Prison Inmate Locator

                Idaho Death Row Prisoners

Illinois Prison Inmate Search

Illinois Department of Corrections

Search: Illinois Prison Inmate Locator

Indiana Prison Inmate Search

Indiana Department of Corrections

Search: Indiana Prison Inmates Locator

Search: Access Indiana Criminal History Search Engine

Iowa Prison Inmate Search

Iowa Department of Corrections

Search: Iowa Prison Inmate Locator

Kansas Prison Inmate Search

Kansas Department of Corrections

Search: Kansas Prison Inmates Locator (KASPER)

Kentucky Prison Inmate Search

Kentucky Department of Corrections

Search: Kentucky Prison Inmate Locator

Louisiana Prison Inmate Search

Louisiana Department of Corrections

Search: Louisiana Prison Inmates Locator - VineLink.

Maine Prison Inmate Search

Maine Department of Corrections

Search: Maine Prison Inmate Locator

Maryland Prison Inmate Search

Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

Search: Maryland Prison Inmate Locator

Massachusetts Prison Inmate Search

Massachusetts Department of Corrections

Search: Massachusetts Prison Inmate Locator - VineLink.

Michigan Prison Inmate Search

Michigan Department of Corrections

Search: Michigan Prison Inmates Locator

Minnesota Prison Inmate Search

Minnesota Department of Corrections

Search: Minnesota Prison Inmate Locator

                    Minnesota Criminal History Search

Mississippi Prison Inmate Search

Mississippi Department of Corrections

Search: Mississippi Prison Inmates Locator  

Search: Mississippi Parolee Search

Missouri Prison Inmate Search

Missouri Department of Corrections

Search: Missouri Prison Inmate Locator

Montana Prison Inmate Search

Montana Department of Corrections

Search: Montana Prison Inmate Locator

Nebraska Prison Inmate Search

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

Search: Nebraska Prison Inmates Locator

Nevada Prison Inmate Search

Nevada Department of Corrections

Search: Nevada Inmate Search

New Hampshire Prison Inmate Search

New Hampshire Department of Corrections

Search: New Hampshire Offender Locator

               NH Criminal Records Request

New Jersey Prison Inmate Search

New Jersey Department of Corrections

Search: New Jersey Prison Inmates Locator

               NJ Parole Eligibility

New Mexico Prison Inmate Search

New Mexico Department of Corrections

Search: New Mexico Prison Inmate Locator

New York Prison Inmate Search

New York Department of Corrections

Search: New York Prison Inmates Locator

North Carolina Prison Inmate Search

North Carolina Department of Corrections

Search: North Carolina Prison Inmate Locator

North Dakota Prison Inmate Search

North Dakota Department of Corrections

Search: North Dakota Prison Inmate Locator

Ohio Prison Inmate Search

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

Search: Ohio Prison Inmates Locator

               Ohio Death Row Inmates

Oklahoma Prison Inmate Search

Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Search: Oklahoma Prison Inmate Locator

                Death Row Inmates

Oregon Prison Inmate Search

Oregon Department of Corrections

Search: Oregon Prison Inmate Locator

Pennsylvania Prison Inmate Search

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Search: Pennsylvania Prison Inmate Locator

Rhode Island Prison Inmate Search

Rhode Island Department of Corrections

Search: Rhode Island Prison Inmate Locator

South Carolina Prison Inmate Search

South Carolina Department of Corrections

Search: South Carolina Inmate Locator

South Dakota Prison Inmate Search

South Dakota Department of Corrections

SD Prison Inmate Locator

Prison Inmate Information only.

Tennessee Prison Inmate Search

Tennessee Department of Corrections

Search: Tennessee Felony Offender Search

Texas Prison Inmate Search

Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Search: Texas Prison Inmate Locator

                    Texas Criminal History Database

                    Texas Inmates on Death Row

                           Women on Death Row

Utah Prison Inmate Search

Utah Department of Corrections

Search: Utah Prison Inmates Locator

Vermont Prison Inmate Search

Vermont Department of Corrections

Search: Vermont Prison Inmate Locator

Virginia Prison Inmate Search

Virginia Department of Corrections

Search: Virginia Prison Inmate Locator

Washington Prison Inmate Search

Washington Department of Corrections

Search: Washington Prison Inmate Locator

West Virginia Prison Inmate Search

West Virginia Division of Corrections

Search: West Virginia Prison Inmate Locator

Wisconsin Prison Inmate Search

Wisconsin Department of Corrections

Search: Wisconsin Prison Inmate Locator

Wyoming Prison Inmate Search

Wyoming Department of Corrections

Search: Wyoming Prison Inmate Locator

More Places To Search for Prisoners

BOP (Bureau of Prisons)

Search: BOP Inmate Locator

Search Federal Prison inmates 1982 to present.


US Immigration & Customs Enforcement

Search:  ICE Online Detainee Locator System

Customs & Immigration Prisoners & Releases.

Help finding prison and criminal records:

  Public Records Search

  Court Record Searches

  Background Checks

  Prison Inmate Search

  Search for Jail Inmates

  Sex Offender Search


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  U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Locator (BOP)



* More People Finding Aids*

Can't find the prison records you need?   Contact the National Inmate Locator.

By Phone: 

(202) 307-3126  Call between 8 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. EST weekdays only.

*Expect long hold times due to large call volumes.

By E-Mail:

By Regular Mail: 

Freedom of Information Act Office
Office of General Counsel
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20534

NOTE:  Be sure to include the full name and any pertinent information when requesting information about an individual along with your contact information. 

Contact VineLink For Victim Notification


What is VINELink?
VINE stands for Victim Information and Notification Everyday.

VINE scans the jail booking computers every ten minutes, then it will notify victims registered in the VINE System of an inmates release. You must be registered in their system as a victim to receive this notification. 

The VINE System also does monthly reports to the Social Security Administration. Inmates who are in jail for 30 days or more will not receive Social Security benefits.

For information on inmates and to register as a victim with the VINE System, call 1-800-511-1670.


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