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Past Sheriffs by State - Alabama-Iowa

Cute Sheriff

Past Sheriffs of the United States

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Origin of the word "sheriff"
Over 1000 years ago in England, the shire, was formed when groups of hundreds banded together. The shire was the forerunner of the modern county. Just as each hundred was led by a reeve (chief), each shire had a reeve as well. To distinguish the leader of a shire from the leader of a mere hundred, the more powerful official became known as the shire-reeve.

The word shire-reeve eventually became the modern word sheriff.  Read More

Spelling of the word "SHERIFF"

Sheriff seems to be one of those words which is often misspelled.  Common misspellings include sherrif, sherif, and sherriff.  The correct spelling is SHERIFF.


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Search for past sheriffs in our free directory.  Using the following directory, you will locate lists of former sheriffs along with photographs, biographies, county jail histories, county sheriff office history and other documents dating back as far as the 1600's.  Was one of your ancestors a sheriff?  Take a look around to find out.  If you know of other past sheriffs lists online, or you have one to donate, please let us know.

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Alabama Past Sheriffs

Alabama Department of Safety History

Features several pages devoted to the history of the organization and mentions many names of the past in the Alabama Dept. of Public Safety.


Calhoun county Former Sheriffs
Includes a list of former sheriffs of Calhoun County, AL 1833 to 1995 along with some early county jail photos.


Houston County Past Sheriffs


Jefferson County Past Sheriffs 1819 to present
Includes photos.


Lawrence County Sheriffs

An incomplete list of past sheriffs in Lawrence County, AL.

Northern District of Alabama US Marshals

Features a list of all former US Marshals in the Northern District of Alabama.  Covers years 1830 to present day.


Tuscaloosa County History and Past Sheriffs List
Includes early photos of law enforcement officers.

Walker County Former Sheriffs
Includes past sheriffs 1824 to present for Walker County, Alabama.

Arizona Past Sheriffs

Glendale, Arizona Town Marshals

This comprehensive site of historic lists of Town Marshals, Chiefs of Police, and Police Officers runs from 1910 to present time.


Pima County - In Memoriam


US Marshals of Arizona Territory
Includes list of US Marshals in Arizona Territory 1864 to 1912.
More information about U.S. Marshals can be found in the book:
The United States Marshals of New Mexico and Arizona Territories, 1846-1912
and: Tales of Arizona Territory


Yuma County Past Sheriffs 1864 to present
Includes all sheriffs of Yuma County, Arizona along with some photos and biographies.   The site also features a page of those officers killed in the line of duty.

Arkansas Past Sheriffs

Baxter County Past Sheriffs

The following list was compiled and submitted by The Baxter County Historical Society President Maryanne Edge. 

See the photos and some history about these Baxter County sheriffs.

1873-1884 A.G. Byler
1884-1890 Jacob H. Wolf
1890-1892 A.G. Byler *
1892-1892 W.F. Eatman **
1892-1894 Samuel Livingston
1894-1896 R.M. Hancock
1896-1900 G.W. Foster
1900-1904 R.H. Hudson
1904-1907 E.W. Mooney *
1908-1912 Leon Mooney
1912-1921 R.S. Hurst
1921-1925 Jim Martin
1925-1928 R.S. Hurst
1928-1940 Jim Martin
1941-1944 Harvey S. Powell
1945-1950 Ernie Gentry
1951-1956 J.D. King, Jr.
1957-1962 Jack Gregory
1963-1968 Emmett Edmonds *
1968-1969 Pauline Edmonds
1968-1970 D.C. Cockrum
1971-1978 Jack Gregory
1979-1995 Joe H. Edmonds
1995-1996 Benny Magness
1997-1998 Charlie Garrison
1999-2004 Joe H. Edmonds
2005-present John F. Montgomery
* Starred names indicate that these Sheriffs were killed while in office.
** Sheriff W.F. Eatman was appointed to fill the unexpired term of Sheriff Byler, who was killed in the line of duty by infamous outlaw Jesse Roper.


Cleveland County Past Sheriffs 1886 to 1996


Cleveland County, AR Past County Judges and Sheriffs


Conway County, Arkansas Sheriffs

Includes historical list of sheriffs 1826-1902.


Franklin County Sheriffs History

Includes some unique history articles and a full listing of former sheriffs in Franklin County.


Grant County Sheriffs Office History

Features a list of sheriffs who served Grant County, Arkansas from 1869 to present with photographs.


Hot Spring County History of Sheriffs

Lists all sheriffs who have served Hot Spring County, Arkansas from 1829 to present day.


Jackson County Sheriffs Office History

Features names and dates of service for the former sheriffs of Jackson County, Arkansas.  Great photos and interesting information about the early days in the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.


Jefferson County Sheriffs History

Features a list of past sheriffs of Jefferson County from 1830 to present time.  Includes nice photos.


Johnson County Sheriffs Office History

Features photos and dates of service for the former sheriffs of Johnson County, Arkansas.


Madison County Past Sheriffs

List of past sheriffs who served the Madison County Sheriff's Department 1836 to present time.  Also see Madison County Sheriff Office Memorial.


Perry County Sheriff History

Features a complete list of past sheriffs who served Perry County, Arkansas from 1940 to present time.


Union County, Arkansas Past Sheriffs

Lists all past sheriffs 1829 to present.

Also of historical interest is the Tucker - Parnell Feud located at El Dorado's Legend of Marshal Tucker.


Washington County, Arkansas Sheriffs

Features list of past sheriffs 1828 to present day. Includes photos and biographical information.

California Past Sheriffs


Contra Costa County Past Sheriffs 1850 to present.
Includes photos and biographies.


Fresno County Former Sheriffs
Includes past sheriffs of Fresno County, California 1856 to 1999 with photos.


Kern County Sheriffs

Features a list of sheriffs from 1866 to the present day with some biographies and photos.


Los Angeles County Past Sheriffs 1850 to present
Located at Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Unofficial Guide to Badges, Patches and History. Includes some biographies and photos.

Los Angeles Sheriffs - Past to Present
Located at Los Angeles Almanac.  Includes Los Angeles County, California sheriffs 1850 to present along with some historical information.


Napa County Past Sheriffs 1853 to present


History of the San Diego County Sheriff's Office.
Includes photos and histories of some of the early sheriffs.  Also of interest is the Sheriff's Museum.  The Sheriff's Museum site features a list of past sheriffs in the San Diego Sheriff's Office.


San Francisco Sheriffs
Includes past sheriffs of San Francisco, California 1850 to present along with photos and biographies.


Santa Cruz County Historical List of Sheriffs
Located at the Santa Cruz Public Library.  Includes past sheriffs 1850 to 1994 of Santa Cruz County, CA.


Sutter County Sheriffs List

Located at the Sutter County Sheriff's Office.  Features a list of past sheriffs 1850 to present day.


Ventura County Sheriff's Department History

Located at the Ventura County Sheriffs Department.  Features a brief history and a gallery of past sheriffs who have served Ventura County.  The site also features a memorial to fallen officers.


Yolo County Sheriffs

Features pictures of past sheriffs and the dates they served from 1850 to present day.  Also see the memorial page.

Colorado Past Sheriffs

Arapahoe County Historical Elected Officials

Features histories, photos and memorials to the elected officials in Arapahoe County's past. Includes a list of past sheriffs 1902 to present day.


El Paso County Sheriff's Office History

Features a brief history of the Sheriff's office of El Paso County, CO.


Jefferson County Sheriff's Office History   Columbine High School Shootings


Montezuma County Sheriffs History

Features a list of past sheriffs 1889 to present time.

Delaware Past Sheriffs

Sussex County Sheriffs History

Features a list of past sheriffs 1669 to present.

Florida Past Sheriffs

Gainesville Police Department History
History of the police department along with early town marshals and a list of police chiefs from 1919 to 1999 with nice photos.  Also see the Memorial Page.


Highlands County Past Sheriffs

Full list of all past sheriffs of the Highlands County Sheriff's Office with photographs.


Monroe County History and Chronology of the Sheriff's Office
Includes past sheriffs 1832 to present with some historic photos.


Pasco County History of the Pasco County Sheriffs Office

Features some history of the Sheriff's office along with a list of past sheriffs 1887 to present time.


Santa Rosa County Sheriffs Data
Includes list of former sheriffs of Santa Rosa County, FL for years 1842 to 2000.


Seminole County History

A nice little history which includes photos and information about the past sheriffs of Seminole County, FL along with a page devoted to fallen officers.


St. Johns Sheriffs Office History

This brief history includes past sheriffs of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries with photos.


St. Lucie County Sheriffs

List of past sheriffs of St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office with photographs.


Volusia County Past Sheriffs

Lists past sheriffs of Volusia County from 1855 to 2001.

Georgia Past Sheriffs

Cobb County - History of the Cobb County Sheriff's Office.

Includes a nice historical background with list of sheriffs 1833 to present day with some good photos.  Also see the Cobb County Jail History.


Henry County Sheriffs History

Lists all sheriffs of Henry County, Georgia from 1823 to present time.


Meriwether County Past Sheriffs and History

Lists all sheriffs of Meriwether County, GA dating back to 1827.


Muscogee County Sheriffs History

Lists sheriffs from 1927 to present day with lots of historical background.  Includes photos and history of the Columbus Stockade which was built ca 1850-1870, old newspaper articles and a history timeline of the Muscogee County Sheriff's Office.


Santa Rosa - History of Santa Rosa County Sheriffs

Located on the Santa Rosa County Sheriff site.  Features a brief history, a historical timeline of the Sheriff's Department, County Courthouse information and a list of past sheriffs (1842 to present) with biographies.


Seminole County Past Sheriffs

Features photos and information about the past sheriffs of Seminole County, GA from 1921 to present day.

Idaho Past Sheriffs

Blaine County Sheriffs History

Features a well-written history of the Blaine County Sheriffs Office complete with the history of their law enforcement and lists of the lawmen who upheld the law in Blaine County Idaho 1864 to present day.


Boise County Sheriffs History

Provides a list of sheriffs in Boise County, Idaho and their years of service 1863 to present time.


Bonneville County History

Features names, photos and information about past sheriffs of Bonneville County, Idaho.


Idaho County Sheriffs Past and Present

Lists all former sheriffs 1863 to present day.


Kootenai County Past Sheriffs

Lists all sheriffs of Kootenai County from 1932 to present day with links to lists of other historic Kootenai County officials as well.


Twin Falls County Sheriffs Office History

Features a nice history of law enforcement in Twin Falls County, Idaho.  You will find the past sheriff of Twin Falls County, Idaho Sheriff's Office from 1907 to present and since Twin Falls, Idaho was originally part of Cassia County, you will find Cassia County past sheriffs listed for years 1879-1907.

Illinois Past Sheriffs

Adams County Past Sheriffs 1825 - Present.


Cumberland County Officials

Includes pre 1884 officials including sheriffs, clerks, judges and other offices.


Henry County Sheriff's Office History
Includes past Sheriffs 1837 to present.


Kane County Past Sheriffs 1836 to present.
Includes some early photos.
History of the Kane County Jails
History of Kane County Jails.  Includes old jail photos and drawings.

Early People and Politics in Kane County, Illinois

Lists of early county officials including sheriffs, clerks, judges, coroners and others in the 19th Century.


Perry County Sheriffs


Rock Island County Past Sheriffs

Rock Island County Sheriff's Department History


Winnebago County Sheriffs Office History

Includes some of the past sheriffs and some interesting tidbits about the history of Winnebago County, Illinois.

Indiana Past Sheriffs

DeKalb County Sheriff Department History

Features a brief history which includes lists of past sheriffs and historical jail information and photographs.


Delaware County Sheriff Department History
Includes some history of the department along with a list of past sheriffs 1827 to present.


Gibson County Sheriffs.

Features a complete list of past sheriffs of Indiana territory and Gibson County through present day.


Johnson County Sheriff's Office History

Features historical information about the sheriff's office, the Johnson County jail, past sheriffs, early crimes and vigilante justice.


Kosciusko County Sheriff's Office History

This very brief history includes a list of former sheriffs1836 to 2007.


Marion County, Indiana Previous Sheriffs
Lists all sheriffs 1822 to present.

Also see:  Marion County Sheriff's Department History
                   History of Marion County Jails

                   Includes old Marion county jail photos.

Noble County Past Sheriffs
Located at the Noble county Historical Society.   Includes former sheriffs of Noble County, Indiana between 1836 and 1974.


Putnam County Sheriffs History

Features a brief history of the Putnam County Sheriff's Office and jail which includes a list of past sheriffs 1822 to present time.


White County Sheriffs History

Located on the White County Sheriff's site, the page features links to articles containing historical information about the White County Sheriff's Office and a list of all sheriffs 1892 to present.


Iowa Past Sheriffs

Adams County Officials 1893-1940

Includes Sheriffs, Court Clerks, and other official of Adams County, Iowa.


Allamakee County Sheriffs History

Keepers of law and order in Alamakee County from 1904-1949.  Includes Marshalls, Sheriffs and other Peace Officers of Allamakee County, IA.


Cass County Sheriffs History

This very brief history of the Cass County Sheriff's Office details events  through the years with a few names of law enforcement officials but doesn't list the past sheriffs.


Chickasaw County Previous Sheriffs

List of past sheriffs who served in Chickasaw County, Iowa from 1853 to present day.


Clay County Sheriffs History

Nice history about the Clay County Sheriffs Office along with a list of past sheriffs 1859 to present day.


Dallas County Sheriffs

Features a list of past sheriffs from the first sheriff to present day.


Fayette County Sheriffs History

Brien history details the inception of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office and includes a list of past sheriffs 1850 to present time..


1845-1880 Elected Officials of Iowa County

Includes sheriffs, mayors and other city officials in the history of Iowa County, IA.


Mills County Iowa Past Sheriffs

Lists 1851 to present day sheriffs of Mills County, Iowa. Page also features a list of past and current Mills County Deputy Sheriffs.


O'Brien County Sheriff's Office and Jail History

Nice history with photos and a list of past sheriffs 1860 to present. 


Osceola County, Iowa Past Sheriffs

Lists past sheriffs who have served Osceola County from 1872 to present time.  Also included are past Chiefs of Police of Sibley, IA..


Plymouth County Iowa Sheriffs History

Brief history of the Plymouth County Sheriffs Office features a list of past sheriffs who served Plymouth County 1859 to present.


Pottawattamie County Sheriffs and Jail History

Features some early history of Pottawattamie County, early law enforcement in the county, jail history and some of the past sheriffs.


Wapello County Sheriff History

Brief history of the Wapello County Sheriff includes past sheriffs 1844 to present time. Also see Wapello County Jail History.


Winnebago County Officials 1860-1928

List of county officials includes past sheriffs.  Located at RootsWeb.

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Behind the Badge of a Deputy Sheriff - Police Officer Memorial

History of the Office of Sheriff

History of Sheriffs in America

Tribute to Fallen Officers
US Marshals Killed in the Line of Duty


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