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California's Most Wanted

California State:

California Most Wanted Persons Database - State of California Office of the Attorney General.


California City and County:

Alameda Most Wanted

Alameda County Sheriff's Department.

Alameda Wanted Individuals

Southern Alameda Crime Stoppers.

Anaheim Press Release / Most Wanted  

          Anaheim Crime Alerts / Crime Prevention / Most Wanted

          Anaheim Police Department.

Arcadia Most Wanted

Arcadia, California Police Department.

Bakersfield Most Wanted / Warrant Suspects

          Bakersfield Cold Cases

          Bakersfield Police.

Bay Area - Who Are These Suspects?

Bay Area Crimestoppers.

Berkeley Police Most Wanted

          Berkeley Community Crime View

          Berkeley Police Department.

Butte County's Most Wanted

Butte County Sheriff.

Calaveras County's Unsolved Murder Cases

Calaveras County DA..

Colton Press Releases, Missing and Wanted Persons

Colton Police Department.

Colusa County Most Wanted

Colusa County Sheriff.

Davis, CA Most Wanted

City of Davis Police Department.

El Dorado County Most Wanted

El Dorado County District Attorney.

Fontana Wanted Persons

Fontana Police Department.

Fresno Most Wanted

Valley Crimestoppers.

Garden Grove Most Wanted

          Garden Grove Unsolved Crimes

          Garden Grove Police.

Gilroy Most Wanted

The Gilroy Dispatch

Hollister Most Wanted Persons List

Hollister Police Department.

Hollywood Most Wanted

Hollywood Police Dept.

Humboldt County Most Wanted

Humboldt County Sheriff's Office..

Huntington Beach Most Wanted

Huntington Beach Police Dept.

Inglewood Most Wanted Suspects

Inglewood Police Department.

Irvine Press Releases

includes wanted and missing persons - Irvine Police Dept.

Kern County Wanted Persons

          Kern County Escapees

          Kern County Sheriff.

Kern County Wanted Fugitives

Kern County DA.

Lemoore Most Wanted  (broken link Aug 09)

City of Lemoore, California Site.

Lompoc's Most Wanted

Lompoc Police Department.

Los Angeles County Probation Department's Most Wanted

Los Angeles County Probation Dept.

Los Angeles DEA Most Wanted Fugitives

US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Los Angeles FBI's Most Wanted

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Los Angeles Most Wanted Crime Suspects

Los Angeles Police Dept.

Manteca's Most Wanted

Manteca Police Dept.

Mariposa County Most Wanted

Mariposa County Sheriff.

Maryville's Most Wanted

Maryville Police Dept.

Mendocino County Most Wanted

Mendocino County Sheriff.

Merced Area Most Wanted

          Unidentified Crimes and Unsolved Cases

          Merced Area Crime Stoppers.

Merced County Most Wanted

Merced County Sheriff's Office.

Milpitas Most Wanted

Milpitas Police Department.

Modesto Most Wanted

Modesto Police Department.

Modesto Wanted High Risk Parolees

Modesto Crime Stoppers.

Monterey County Most Wanted

Monterey County Sheriff.

Napa Valley Crime Stoppers Most Wanted

Napa Valley Crime Stoppers.

North Hollywood Wanted

Los Angeles Police.

Northern California Most Wanted

The Northern California Regional Intelligence Center

and the Northern California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area..

Oakland Fugitives Wanted For Murder

Oakland Police.

Ontario's Most Wanted

Ontario Police Department.

Orange County Most Wanted

Orange County Sheriff.

Orange County Most Wanted Fugitives

Orange County DA.

Palm Springs Most Wanted

Palm Springs Police Department.

Palmdale Most Wanted

Palmdale Sheriff's Station.

Pasadena Wanted Suspects

Pasadena Police Department.

Pittsburg, California Crime Alerts

Pittsburg Police.

Placer County Most Wanted

          Placer County Wanted for Probation Violation

          Placer County, California Sheriff.

Redding's Most Wanted Fugitives

Redding Police Department.

Redondo Beach Most Wanted

Redondo Beach Police.

Reddings Most Wanted

Redding Police.

Riverside County Most Wanted for Child Support

Riverside County District Attorney.

Riverside County Most Wanted Suspects

Riverside County District Attorney.

Riverside Most Wanted

Riverside Police.

Sacramento County Most Wanted

          Sacramento Sex Offenders Wanted for Non Compliancy

          Sacramento Sheriffs Office.

Sacramento Most Wanted

Sacramento Police.

Sacramento Most Wanted Suspects

Crime Alert

San Benito County Most Wanted

San Benito County Sheriff.

San Bernardino County Most Wanted

          Unsolved Murder Cases

          San Bernardino Sheriff.

San Bernardino Police Unsolved Homicides

San Bernardino Police.

San Carlos Press Releases and Wanted

San Carlos Police.

San Diego County Wanted / Arrest Warrants

San Diego County Sheriff.

San Diego County Most Wanted and Unsolved Cases

San Diego Crime Stoppers.

San Diego DEA Most Wanted Fugitives

US Drug Enforcement Administration.

San Diego FBI's Most Wanted

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

San Francisco 10 Most Wanted

San Francisco Police.

San Francisco Wanted Persons / Crime Bulletin

San Francisco Police.

San Francisco DEA Most Wanted Fugitives

US Drug Enforcement Administration.

San Francisco FBI's Most Wanted

Federal Bureau of Investigation.

San Gabriel Most Wanted

San Gabriel Police Department.

San Joaquin County Most Wanted

San Joaquin County Sheriff.

San Jose Local Most Wanted

San Jose Police Dept.

San Luis Obispo County Most Wanted Suspects

          Unsolved Crimes  /  Crime of the Week

          San Luis Obispo County Crime Stoppers.

Santa Barbara County Most Wanted

          Santa Barbara Top 10 Active Warrants

          Santa Barbara County Sheriff.

Santa Ana Most Wanted Suspects

          Santa Barbara Top 10 Active Warrants

          Santa Ana Police.

Santa Monica Crime Bulletins

Santa Monica Police.

Santa Rosa County Wanted Suspects

Santa Rosa County Crime Stoppers.

Santa Rosa Most Wanted

Santa Rosa Police.

Shasta County Most Wanted


Siskiyou County's Most Wanted


Solano County Most Wanted

          Solano County Probation Most Wanted

          Solano County Sheriff.

South Pasadena Most Wanted Bulletins

South Pasadena Police.

South San Joaquin Most Wanted

South County Crime Stoppers.

Stanislaus County Most Wanted

Stanislaus Co., California Sheriff.

Stockton Wanted Persons

          Stockton Homicide Victims

          Stockton Police.

Sutter County Wanted Persons

Sutter County Sheriff's Department.

Tracy's Most Wanted

Tracy Crime Stoppers.

Trinity County Most Wanted Persons

Trinity County District Attorney.

Trinity County Probation Department's Most Wanted

Trinity County District Attorney.

Tulare County Sheriff's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives

Tulare County Sheriff's Department.

Vasalia Press Releases include Crimes, Missing Persons and Most Wanted

Vasalia Police Department.

Ventura County Most Wanted

Ventura County Crime Stoppers.

Westminster Most Wanted

Westminster Police.

Yolo County Most Wanted

Yolo County Sheriff.

Yuba City Most Wanted / Warrants

Yuba City Police Department.

Yuba County's Most Wanted

          Yuba County's Unsolved Cases

          Yuba County Sheriff.

Most Wanted States List

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