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Search for and locate registered sex offenders in Alabama.  These are listed by county and city. 

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Alabama Sex Offenders In The News

Jen Hale
Media General News Service
Published: February 10, 2009 in the Dothan Eagle

Alabama Lawmaker Wants to Castrate Pedophiles

More than three million American children are victims of child molestation - that’s according to the Child Molestation Prevention Organization.

Almost half were violated by repeat offenders.

Now, Talladega County Representative Steve Hurst of Munford wants to surgically castrate convicted pedophiles older than 21 who’s victims are younger than twelve years old.

“You take a child who’s completely helpless. They have no way to defend themselves. And someone does something of this nature to them, you have literally destroyed that child for the rest of their life,“ says Hurst.

“If it’s an urge they can’t control… the castration certainly would take care of that problem and protect neighborhoods, communities and future victims,“ says Jefferson County Mike Hale, who supports the idea, which is now officially House Bill 252.

Hale says his deputies re-arrest at least 30% of the child molesters who are paroled.

He wants to send a stronger warning to predators:

“I think they would see this as a threat - from even committing one crime to start with. If the word got out that Alabama would castrate you if you molested a child, that would send a pretty strong message,“ says Hale.

But the ACLU sees it differently.

They’ve opposed the castration idea before in other states, arguing first: that inmates might agree to it, thinking they’ll get released early. Secondly: that it should be free to anyone who wants it.

Jay Jacobson of Texas argued back in 1997 when that state was debating a similar bill:
“Why shouldn’t the Legislature make this available to anyone who feels that this is a problem … whether they have been convicted or not, if they’re so concerned about public safety?“

This bill will come up before the Alabama House Judiciary Committee in the next few weeks.

Hurst is also proposing another bill that would allow a judge to give the death penalty to someone who rapes a child less than six years old.



July 27, 2005

(MONTGOMERY)—Attorney General Troy King thanked the Alabama Legislature today for unanimously approving a strong new Community Notification Act to provide true protection of Alabama families and children from dangerous sex offenders. Yesterday, the Legislature passed the bill drafted and advocated by Attorney General King with the support of law enforcement officers throughout the state. The bill passed 101 to 0 in the House of Representatives and 33 to 0 in the Senate.

"With the passage of this legislation, we have made true our promise to protect the children of Alabama from sex predators," said Attorney General King. "We have taken the old, inadequate law that lulled families into a false sense of security, and we have replaced it with a tough and effective new Community Notification Act that will punish sex offenders and give law enforcement the procedures and tools to track sex offenders and to truly keep Alabama's children safe from these vicious predators."

Alabama's Community Notification Act sets out procedures and requirements for the tracking of sex offenders, and imposes penalties for noncompliance, that Attorney General King said have proven to be woefully inadequate. Attorney General King discussed in detail a bill he drafted to bring dramatic reforms to this system. The bill provides far better tracking of sex offenders, using GPS (global positioning satellite) technology; it establishes tough new penalties; and it strengthens existing penalties for noncompliance.

Among the significant changes in the new law are mandatory minimum sentences of 20 years in prison for sex offenders convicted of class A felonies and 10 years for class B felonies. These criminals would also be ineligible for probation, split sentences, correctional incentive time for early release, or parole. Attorney General King had proposed that these conditions also apply to sex offenders convicted of class C felonies, and that they be subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years, but the bill was amended and the final bill did not include the Attorney General's recommendation for these crimes.

Another major provision of the new law is for GPS (global positioning satellite) monitoring of sex offenders. Attorney General King himself has been wearing a GPS ankle bracelet throughout the special session to highlight the importance of passing a new Community Notification Act. "With the Legislature's approval of this vital law, I am delighted to remove this ankle bracelet from my leg and to know that similar tracking devices will be on the legs of pedophiles in our state. The families and children of Alabama are safer today than they were before the Legislature convened. "

Attorney General King thanked the members of the Legislature who worked to pass the new law, noting particularly Senator Hinton Mitchem of Albertville, the bill's sponsor in the Alabama Senate; Senator Steve French of Birmingham, lead co-sponsor; Representative Neal Morrison of Cullman, sponsor in the House of Representatives, and lead House co-sponsor Representative Mike Hill of Columbiana. "These gentlemen have given their tireless and dedicated efforts to make Alabama safer for our children," said Attorney General King. "As a father, and as this state's Attorney General, I am grateful to them for taking on this important cause and successfully passing a new Community Notification Act." Attorney General King also thanked Governor Bob Riley for including the bill in his call for the special session and his commitment to its passage.

Attorney General King offered special thanks to the 180 sworn law enforcement officers representing 85 law enforcement agencies from across the state who assisted him in creating the legislation and who unanimously endorsed the bill. He commended Assistant Attorney General Scott Rouse, an attorney in his office who specializes in community notification law.

Other substantive changes under the new Community Notification Act are as follows:

• The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center would be empowered to establish a system of electronic monitoring for sex offenders.

• Sexually violent predators and those who commit class A felony sex offenses against children younger than 12 would be subject to at least 10 years of electronic monitoring after their release.

• Those who commit sex offenses against children under age 12 would be prohibited from working or loitering at or near schools, parks or other areas where children gather.

• All penalties in the Community Notification Act would become class C felonies.

• The new law would extend and clarify those who are covered. Offenders who pleaded "nolo contendere"—not contesting their guilt—to criminal sex offenses in other states would be subject to community notification requirements. It also would cover most offenders convicted under federal laws and in other states without preliminary procedural hearings

• Reporting time periods would be tightened. Sex offenders would have to report to local law enforcement after their release from prison or change of residence within seven days instead of the 30 now allowed. They would have to declare their intended place of residence 45 days before their release from prison, instead of 30. For those who refuse to provide information or give false addresses before their release from prison, the proposed law clarifies the process for re-arresting and criminally charging them.

• In addition to their residence, sex offenders would also have to register to inform local law enforcement of their workplace. They would bear the obligation to biannually verify their residence.

• Sex offenders would be required to possess either a driver's license or identification card that would be marked by the Department of Public Safety to identity them as sex offenders.

• Sex offenders classified as youthful offenders would have to undergo sex offender treatment before their release from prison.

• Law enforcement and prosecutors would be entitled to information about juveniles and youthful offenders that they need to enforce the Community Notification Act.

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